Making a string mute from a bridge cover D.I.Y. (Fender offsets, Jazzmaster, Jaguar, etc.)

If you own an offset like a Jazzmaster of Jaguar, then you might dislike the microphonic noise created from heavy strumming. Personally, I enjoy banging on my axe pretty hard, and sometimes (like when I’m playing funk) I don’t want to hear that noise build-up that comes from the excess string length between the bridge and tremolo. I used to stuff a piece of foam or cloth there, but how unsexy is this, am I right? I found a better way to hide this foam block by using the chrome bridge cover that comes with the case candy. Since this thing is basically useless anyway I had no problem gluing magnets to it, although in hindsight I don’t think you even need to glue them.

What you’ll need

To start, you’ll need the bridge cover from Fender that hopefully came with your guitar. If you don’t have one you can buy it here. You’ll also need your glue of choice, a box cutter and Sharpie (not shown), a foam block cut to fit underneath the cover, and some small circular magnets like these.

The process

The idea here is to get this little foam mute to be held on the underside of the strings by putting magnets inside it and parallel magnets on underside of the chrome cover. Together these magnets grab the mute and hug it tightly against the strings.

Cut the foam block in advance to be a bit smaller than the chrome cover. Then cut along the side of it (like opening a piece of pita bread) and place two small magnets inside. Make sure the magnets face the correct direction! I found marking the outside with a Sharpie before gluing them in made this easier. Put a drop of glue in-between the magnets so they stay put, and then glue the seam shut so they can’t skid anywhere. Hopefully yours will look better than mine!

Next, glue the opposing magnets to the chrome cover. Make sure that they are small enough to fit in-between the spacing of the strings so they don’t rub directly on them. I bought a variety pack of magnets for this very reason.

Now we need to create some smooth edges on the cover so it doesn’t scratch the finish of your guitar in the event it gets moved too far back towards the tremolo. This is where the Gorilla Glue is a bit better than Crazy Glue. I toyed with using plastic dip, but it was expensive and came in gross colors. Since I don’t plan jamming this mute too far back onto the finish I think this level of protection will suffice. Create a blob of Gorilla Glue and dip the edges of the chrome cover in it. Set it to dry facing down so the drips create a thicker edge:

It should look like this, only yours will be better:


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